About Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems are ideal for organizations that have lots of changing content and want to maintain some or all of the content themselves.

Websites built on a CMS platform are database driven and rely on templating for their style. None-the-less, CMS based websites can be customized around layout, color and graphical elements to support your brand and deliver your message.

  • Templating benefits a website by standardizing styles across all pages thus creating a polished, professional look and feel.
  • Organization of content is made easy by thoughtful design of the information architecture prior to building the site. CMS is a monster when it comes to keeping lots of information straight!
  • CMS websites are immanently configurable – allowing an organization’s website to grow along with the organization.
  • Most CMS platforms have large user communities developing specialized “add-ons” that offer expanded functionality for little added cost.
  • Our favorite CMS platforms are Joomla and WordPress, both of which are open source (no kidding – read that FREE!) With over 20% of all sites on the web run on Joomla or WordPress, they are the 2 most popular Content Management System worldwide.
  • CMS is probably not for you if you have very specific ideas about layout and functionality, as templating does impose some limitations. Take a look at our Custom websites if CMS puts you in too tight a box!

We have years of experience in developing and customizing CMS packages. Ask Fairview Design to help you communicate your organizational message more effectively!