About Custom Web Design

We recommend Custom Web Design for the client who wants total control over layout and style, and has content that doesn’t change too often.

  1. We start the process of designing a custom site by identifying site requirements in terms of functionality, content, graphics, and style.
    • Functionality: What does the site need to do for you?
    • Content: What information needs to be included, and how should it be organized?
    • Graphics: What existing brand elements will be included and what needs to be developed?
    • Style: How should the website look and feel – what message about your organization should the website communicate?
  2. Based on identified site requirements, we develop ideas about layout and navigational elements and begin the iterative process of nailing down the shape of the new site while adding stylistic details and graphic elements.
  3. Content, generated by the client, is added to the mix and adjustments, large and small, are made as we go along.
  4. Often a Blog, customized to match the website, will be added to a custom site to provide a client with an avenue for personally communicating with website visitors and for independently keeping information on their site current.
  5. Communication, collaboration, experimentation – it all adds up to a lot of fun and a powerful website.

We have years of experience in developing Custom Websites. Ask Fairview Design to help you communicate your organizational message more effectively!