About Fairview Design

Fairview Design specializes in working with small businesses, nonprofits, artists, and artisans.

Do you want to create a powerful and effective web presence? Let us show you how.

We believe:

  1. Communication is the most important part of our job.
  2. Your website should reflect your special qualities and deliver your unique message.
  3. Website development is a collaborative effort, driven by your goals and guided by our experience.


Fairview Design was founded by Susan Haldeman in 2005, after formal training in web design and development with the IWA-HWG.

Deep background includes a BA from Duke University, an MBA from LaSalle College, and 14 years experience in the corporate world. Special interests include horses, dogs, photography, music and of course… web design!

Services Offered

  1. Design and development of new sites, and redesign of existing sites
  2. Maintenance services for new or existing sites
  3. Social media consulting and development
  4. Graphic design services for the web
  5. Search engine optimization

Because we are a small firm with a carefully selected client base, we are proud to offer superior service and quick turn-around time on all projects.

Our Clients

We have had the privilege of working with many wonderful small business owners, non-profit organizations, artists and artisans over the years. Since we got started in 2005 we have built over 185 sites for 140 different clients… we like to think that we do a great job of understanding our clients’ needs and creating effective and economical solutions to their problems.

Many of our clients have worked with us on more than one website – one client has 5 Fairview Design sites under her belt… we also like to think that we are easy to get along with!

We are a start-to-finish solution for all things web. We can help with domain selection, hosting choices and contracts, site planning, information architecture, design work, programming, development, social media, SEO, email, maintenance and redesign. We have years of experience in working with clients of all sorts and developing websites of all types.

Ask Fairview Design to help you communicate your organizational message more effectively.